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Trifon Icon Painting School

Trifon Icon Painting school for adults was founded in 2009. The school focuses on the traditions of ancient Russian and Byzantine icon painting. A feature of the school is a unique teaching methodology, in which all stages of painting, as well as all technological processes, are demonstrated live by the teacher at each lesson. Thus, each lesson is a full-fledged master class performed by an expert icon painter, which greatly facilitates the assimilation of the material. At the same time, an obligatory element of training is the analysis by the teacher of the student's work at all stages and the correction of mistakes and inaccuracies.

About the online school

The purpose of the online school is to give students the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for independent work in icon painting.

The program of the online school coincides with the full-time program of the Trifon Icon Painting School. The basic course of the online school consists of three cycles. In the first of them, all iconographic elements - plants, mountains, architecture, animals - are analyzed and carried out in detail. At first, the elements are executed on paper to master the technique of iconographic drawing. Then the students paint the elements already known to them on levkas tablets using egg tempera.

The second cycle is devoted to the figures and folds of clothes in the icon, the third - to painting of faces, hands and feet.

In case of successful completion of the main course, students are admitted to the next cycles, in which they paint two images of saints, and then images of the Mother of God and the Savior. The eighth and final cycle is the painting of an icon of one of the holidays.

How distance learning is organized

1. The learning cycle in the online school includes a number of lessons determined by the program, consisting of a video lesson and homework analysis. Payment for the cycle is made at a time in full or in installments for three months. 

2. The teacher shows the entire sequence of actions on the topic in a detailed video lesson. Students then complete the task on their own and send a photo of the completed work to the teacher. During the weekly video debriefing, the teacher points out mistakes and suggests making corrections. After viewing, the student can ask questions to the teacher both in writing and orally. For those who do not speak Russian, the analysis of works is conducted in English.

3. The student must submit the completed homework no later than one hour before the scheduled video review time. The teacher also analyzes the corrected previous assignments sent to the students. The video is posted on the school's YouTube channel.

4. It is allowed (but not recommended) to take breaks in training. If a student does not have time to complete their homework, they can submit it at any time. The task will be analyzed in the next analysis. Multiple applications may be submitted at the same time.

5. Persons who have completed at least three quarters of the tasks of the previous one are allowed to study in the next cycle of the basic course. Persons who have fully completed the tasks of all three cycles of the basic course are allowed to paint icons.

The cost of the first and second cycles of 10 lessons each is $300, the subsequent ones (12 lessons each) are $360. With a one-time payment for the cycle, a 10% discount is provided.

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